if you look at my agenda you will realize that it’s cooling down for the rest of the year and beginning of next year.
This has two reasons:
1. During the last 5 years I was working hard and (especially the duo with Heather Leigh which will of course go on) I covered what there is to cover in Europe, the US, South America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand
naja, the usual circle, a lot of work for an old man.
2. Everybody knows that my lungs are damaged and that’s why the body needs some regeneration.
[… but if you want me, I am ready,
here my new cell: +49 151 62 3333 25]
And one more little reason:
I am still busy with ink and paper, boxes and objects,
canvas and oil and there is so much in my little brain I want to try… need some time for that.
I am sure you will understand and of course I am still alive.

For booking please get in touch with
Francesca Scarinci
Ex B. .: 0039.3289035283

January 2020

Full Blast
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Marino Pliakas-electric bass;
Michael Wertmüller-drums

8 January 2020
Periscope, Lyon, France    CANCELLED !!
9 January 2020
Moods, Zürich, Switzerland    CANCELLED !!

Peter Brötzmann-reeds
14 January 2020
Cafè Oto, London, England

February 2020

Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Heather Leigh-pedal steel guitar
7 & 8 February 2020
Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
7 February: Solo & Solo; 8 February: Duo

March 2020

Brötzmann-Solo       CANCELLED (Corona virus)
Peter Brötzmann-reeds
13 March 2020
Club-Manufaktur, Schorndorf, Germany
15 March 2020
Club W71, Weikersheim, Germany

Peter Brötzmann has made the decision to cancel all of his live concerts for the remainder of 2021.
Due to health issues related to his COPD, coupled with the danger of traveling while Covid is still rampant in many countries, he feels it would be more sensible to play live again when things calm down in general.
Stay tuned for exciting new releases to be announced soon!

May 2020

Peter Brötzmann & Guests       CANCELLED
25 May 2020
Vision Festival, New York