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Historic Music Past Tense Future
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; William Parker-double bass, doussn’ gouni;
Milford Graves-drums, vocals, dancing
Recorded live March 29, 2002 at CB’s 313 Gallery, New York
DoLP: BEA-001, Black Editions Archive


Nils Petter Molvær & Peter Brötzmann
Jazz is a statement. It's always been exploratory; it's never been straight.
The sparse and bold scoring of GREAT FREEDOM takes you to decades,
to places and to the edges of a rare cinematic experience interfacing with its music.
It is an elegant yet instigating celebration of free improvisation and insurgency; jazz, resilience and solidarity.

Hamburg ‘74
Globe Unity Orchestra & the Choir of the NDR-Broadcast
Manfred Schoof-trumpet; Kenny Wheeler-trumpet; Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Rüdiger Carl-reeds;
Gerd Dudek-reeds; Evan Parker-reeds; Michel Pilz-reeds; Günter Christmann-trombone;
Paul Rutherford-trombone; Derek Bailey-guitar; Alexander von Schlippenbach-piano;
Peter Kowald-double bass, tuba; Han Bennink-drums, percussion, clarinet;
Paul Lovens-drums, percussion
and the Choir of the NDR-Broadcast conducted by Helmut Franz
Recorded November 1974 in Hamburg, Germany.
LP reissue: CF024 by Cien Fuegos

BRÖTZMANN – Along the Way - (Works 2011 – 2020)
Book-220 pages-Din A4-edition of 800-hardcover
Expected release date: End of February 2021

With text contributions (in English only) by:
John Corbett, Thomas Millroth, Stephen O’Malley,
Heather Leigh, Markus Müller, Sotiris Kontos,
Karl Lippegaus
Book: Brötzmann-Along the Way
Available at:
Wolke Verlag, Trost, CvsD and Brötzmann

At Mu
Peter Brötzmann-Szilveszter Miklós
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Szilveszter Miklós-drums
Recorded live on September 2, 2016 at Mu Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
LP: msz20-001, Adyton Records, 2020-Out Now!!!

Front to Front
Van Hove/Brötzmann
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Fred Van Hove-piano
Recorded live at the Summer Bummer Festival
August 24, 2019, Antwerp, Belgium.
LP & DL: #009, Dropa Disc

That Time
The London Jazz Composers Orchestra
Kenny Wheeler-trumpet, flugelhorn; Harry Beckett-trumpet, flugelhorn; Dave Spence-trumpet, flugelhorn; Paul Rutherford-trombone; Alan Tomlinson-trombone; Paul Nieman-trombone; Melvyn Poore-tuba; Trevor Watts-reeds; Evan Parker-reeds; Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Larry Stabbins-reeds; Tony Coe-reeds; Philip Wachsmann-violin; Howard Riley-piano; Barry Guy-double bass; Peter Kowald-double bass; Tony Oxley-percussion; John Stevens-percussion
Track 3 & 4 only! Recorded March 1980, London.
CD: Not Two Records, MW 1001-2

Tongue in a Bell
Peter Brötzmann-Paul G. Smyth
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Paul G. Smyth-piano
Recorded live January 22, 2015 at Kevin Barry Room, Dublin, Ireland

Globe Unity Orchestra and Guests
Enrico Rava-trumpet; Manfred Schoof-trumpet; Kenny Wheeler-trumpet; Anthony Braxton-reeds; Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Rüdiger Carl-reeds; Gerd Dudek-reeds; Evan Parker-reeds; Michel Pilz-reeds; Günter Christmann-trombone; Albert Mangelsdorff-trombone; Paul Rutherford-trombone; Alexander von Schlippenbach-piano; Peter Kowald-double bass, tuba; Buschi Niebergall-double bass; Paul Lovens-drums, percussion & strings, musical saw.
Recorded November 1975 in Baden-Baden, Germany.
LP reissue: BE! Jazz 6178 (Limited edition of 200)

In a State of Undress
Brötzmann/Oliver/Kellers featuring Manfred Schoof
Manfred Schoof-trumpet, flugelhorn; Peter Brötzmann-saxophones, tarogato;
Jay Oliver-double bass; Willi Kellers-drums
Recorded March 1989 in Berlin.
LP Reissue: BE! Jazz 6179 (Limited edition of 200)

ICP Tentet in Berlin
ICP Tentet
Misha Mengelberg-piano; John Tchicai-alto saxophone; Gilius van Bergeyk-alto saxophone;
Peter Bennink-alto saxophone, bagpipes; Peter Brötzmann-alto-, tenor & baritone saxophone;
Bert Koppelaar-trombone; Michel Waisvisz-crackle box; Tristan Honsinger-cello;
Maarten van Regteren Altena-double bass; Han Bennink-drums.
Recorded April 1977 in Berlin.
LP reissue: BE! Jazz 6180 (Limited edition of 200)

Farewell Tonic
Full Blast
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Marino Pliakas-electric bass;
Michael Wertmüller-drums
Recorded live April 11, 2007 at Tonic Club, New York
LP: TR204, Trost Records, handnumbered

Memories of a Tunicate
Peter Brötzmann/Fred Lonberg-Holm
Peter Brötzmann-saxophone, tarogato, B-flat clarinet
Fred Lonberg-Holm-cello, electronics
Recorded June 12, 2019 at GSI Studios.
CD: RPR1104, Relative Pitch Records

Free Jazz & Kinder
Brötzmann-Van Hove-Bennink & 15 Kinder
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone; Fred Van Hove-piano;
Han Bennink-drums, etc. & 15 Children
Recorded April 1972 in Berlin.
LP reissue: TA 164, Tochnit Aleph

Not Two... but twenty
(Special,Limited Edition in 5-CD's wooden box)
Peter Brötzmann with….
1-Peter Brötzmann/Barry Guy/Zlatko Kaučič
2-Peter Brötzmann/Mikołaj Trzaska/Per-Âke Holmlander/Agustí Fernández 
3-Peter Brötzmann/Paal Nilssen-Love
Recorded live September 21-23, 2018 at the
Not Two 20 th Anniversary Festival in Wlen, Poland
5xCD in Box: MW 998-2, Not Two Records

The Catch of a Ghost
Peter Brötzmann/Maâlem Mouktar Gania/Hamid Drake
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, tarogato;
Maâlem Mouktar Gania-guembri, voice; Hamid Drake-drums
Recorded live May 10, 2019
at Angelica Festival Internazionale di Musica, Bologna, Italy
CD: IDA041, I Dischi i Angelica

14 Love Poems
Peter Brötzmann Solo
Peter Brötzmann-alto-, tenor & baritone saxophone, tenor sax mouthpiece,
a-clarinet, e-flat clarinet; bass clarinet, tarogato
Recorded August 1984 in Berlin.
LP reissue: CF023, Cien Fuegos

Big Bad Brötzmann Quintet
Peter Brötzmann-tarogato, tenor saxophone, clarinet;
Oliver Schwerdt-piano, percussion, little instruments;
John Edwards, John Eckhardt-double basses,
Christian Lillinger-drums, cymbals, percussion
Recorded October 7, 2017; Nato, Leipzig, Germany
CD: EUPH 066, Euphorium Records

Biturbo!, Capt’n
Big Bad Brötzmann Trio
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, clarinet;
Oliver Schwerdt-piano, percussion, little instruments;
Christian Lillinger-drums, cymbals, percussion
Recorded October 7, 2017; Nato, Leipzig, Germany
Mini CD: EUPH 065, Euphorium Records

I Surrender Dear
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone
Recorded July 16-18, 2018, Siewert’s Studio, Vienna, Austria
LP & CD: Trost TR190CD+LP

Fifty Years After...
Live at the Lila Eule 2018
Brötzmann/von Schlippenbach/Bennink
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Alexander von Schlippenbach-piano;
Han Bennink-drums
Recorded live May 26, 2018, Lila Eule, Bremen, Germany
LP & CD: Trost TR194CD+LP

South Moon Under
The Red Hook Concert
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Heather Leigh-pedal steel guitar
Recorded live May 20, 2019, Pioneer Works, New York
CD: HL/BR 002, Only available directly from Brötzmann & Leigh!


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